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OpenGL Basics Training

The Training will be in C/C++ .

The Training will enable you to develop GPU accelerated Graphic-applications with OpenGL V 1.1 to 4.x

Basic Skills in C / C++ are needed, or in a similar Language.

Basics OpenGL
Installation of "freeglut" & "GLEW"
Window creation with “freeglut”
Matrices and Transformations
- Perspective Projections
- Coordinate-Systems
Transformations with OpenGL
Objects / Primitives
- Points, Lines , Triangles ...
- Color Buffer, Z-Buffer, Frame Buffer
How to work with Buffers
- Transparency
- Fog
- Texture Objects
Light / Shading
- Vertex Shader
- Fragment Shader
Fixed Pipeline vs Programmable Pipeline

Duration: 4 Days

Recordings of the OpenGL Online Workshops of Kai Niklas: